Copy PS2 Games and Save Your Investment

If you own a PlayStation game and want to avoid it from getting spoiled, then read on this article. It will guide you and increase your knowledge on how to copy PS2 games. It is not illegal to make a copy or backup of your own set. These days many original companies are coming up with this idea. You might avoid facing any faulty mechanical errors or scratches. In such cases, backup copy comes handy. You might need a personal computer to get your job done.

To begin with, you need to have a DVD burner in your system. Read the description on the drive. It will tell you whether it is a DVD burner or a reader. To copy PS2 games with ease, the memory of your computer should be free. It helps in speeding up the process. Full memory can take hours to get the work done. The second requirement is of a DVD decryptor, which helps in decoding the data from the original track. It can assist you with copying too. Click on the option read and burn. This will copy the file into your computer. When you insert a blank DVD, it gets burnt with the saved data.

Ensure that you use a good quality DVD to get optimum clarity. A bad one can spoil your effort and work too. The backup copy will have high clarity and graphics like that of the original. You won’t face and discrimination in terms of quality. You can use it to play the games and preserve the originals. This can help your family with an all round entertainment. The process is simple. Many online sources also provide software’s. You can download and use them to copy PS2 games. They can also provide step by step instruction for the full procedure. 

Computer Games and Chris Stoddard’s Web Page

You may be wondering why Chris Stoddard’s name came up when this article is supposed to look into the wonderful world of computer games. As this article progresses, you will see the connection between computer games and his web page. Computer games have come a long way. Starting off with simple pixels and bytes, computer games of today have evolved into an art form with the ability to engross and captivate players from all over the globe.

What is the appeal of computer games? To most video gamers, computer games are an escape from reality. It is a place where they can have a different lifestyle, a different disposition and even different personal and physical attributes. It can be one form of catharsis where people can do something they cannot or are not allowed to do in the real world.

Computer games nowadays, also allow for a lot of social networking. The advent of MMORPG’s or Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games paved the way for cooperative gameplay between people with different backgrounds, personalities and characters. This in turn, turned the gaming experience into a virtual community, where people need to talk to other characters about their strategies and their responsibilities as members of the group. This conversations often lead to talks about more personal and realistic topics like “How was your day in the office?” or “My dad asked me to mow the lawn yesterday that’s why I wasn’t online!”

Gamers nowadays have a lot of choices when it comes to playing their videogames. They have a choice between consoles and Personal Computers to address their gaming needs. Consoles have become the videogame machine of choice for most people. Next generation consoles such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, are taking the limelight from Personal Computer Gaming because of the extensive library of games these consoles are dishing out almost every day. Console games range from hardcore games, to educational and even party entertainment games.

Some people though, have opted to stay with PC games because according to them “Hey, this is where games were developed in the first place!” To some extent, this is true. Console games were first developed using powerful personal computers. Aside from that, the videogames being released for the personal computer are graphically at par, if not superior, to that of its console counterparts. The unique gameplay being offered by a mouse and a keyboard is also a big draw for loyal PC gamers. But now, a new form of PC gaming over the internet has brought the attention back to the PC and this is where Chris Stoddard’s web page comes in.

People nowadays log in to social media websites and in these sites, people can play mini games whose results they can post over the internet to share with their friends. One such game is Ravenwood Fair, found in Christ Stoddard’s webpage. This game, along with many others, have made social media webistes more fun and entertaining than ever before. This kind of social media entertainment proves that computer games are evolving and are here to stay.

Playing Burned Games on Xbox 360 – Rip Games and Play Burned Copies Easily With the Proper Software

Many individuals want to rip their Xbox 360 games and play burned copies on their Xbox gaming console. However, few people know how to go about this process and even fewer believe it’s even possible to do this.

To accomplish this task successfully you are going to need a Xbox 360 game copying software for the job. This is because Xbox 360 games have a protection code on them that was designed to keep people from copying the data on the game.

This special software has the ability to decode this protection code on your Xbox games so you can rip and burn them. You will also need a software that will allow you to rip, burn, and play your back up Xbox 360 games on Xbox Live.

Xbox Live will not allow you to play any games you’ve ripped and burned if they don’t have the necessary codes on the game file. When you use the proper software to rip and burn your games it will produce back up copies that have the necessary authorization codes embedded on it so you can play them on Xbox Live.

Once you have the proper software you will only need a computer with a DVD/CD drive, a blank disk, and your original Xbox 360 game. When you have all these necessities then you can begin the game copying process.

After you have installed the Xbox 360 game burning software on your PC it is time to insert your original Xbox game into the CD/DVD drive of your computer. Now you must use this software to rip the game data off of the original Xbox game and then save it on your PC.

Now remove the original Xbox game and then replace it with the blank disk. All that is left for you to do is use the Xbox 360 burning games software to scan the blank disk and begin making a perfect copy of the original Xbox 360 game data you saved on your computer and then transfer it onto the blank disk you just inserted.

This is the easiest way to rip and burn Xbox games. This game copying process will take a few short minutes and then you can begin playing burned copies on your Xbox 360.